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Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP)

The next “Christ Renews His Parish” weekends will be:

Women’s Retreat – March 23 -24, 2019
For additional information, email OLSSWomensCRHP@yahoo.com.
Click here  to register online.

Men’s Retreat- April 27-28, 2019
For additional information, email  MensCRHP@yahoo.com.
Click here to register online.

What is CRHP?

CRHP (pronounced “Chirp”) is an acronym for Christ Renews His Parish and is a 36 hour retreat designed to bring members of our parish together in Christ. CRHP is an effective spiritual renewal process, which calls together clergy and laity in order to experience personal renewal and Christian community in the warm environment of our own Parish. It is an opportunity for Catholics to renew their understanding of the basic beliefs and traditions of their faith. It is an opportunity to say “yes” to a closer and deeper relationship with God.

The uniqueness of CRHP is in its effect on the entire parish community. Participants are usually so inspired, so renewed, so uplifted, that they’re anxious to share their faith experience with others in their parish.

Who may attend?


The program is designed to help strengthen the community within Our Lady Star of the Sea; therefore, every member of Our Lady Star of the Sea at least 18 years old (and out of high school) is invited and encouraged to attend a weekend. Christ Renews His Parish is for anyone seeking spiritual growth and renewal, desiring to grow closer to God, or searching for a deeper sense of purpose within the parish community. CRHP is an excellent opportunity for those who have stopped attending Mass, or who have lost interest in the Church, to reconnect with the parish family. All participants will be welcomed and receive unconditional acceptance. Praying for guidance is important. If you feel that Christ, through the Holy Spirit, may be calling you—please come!

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