Music Ministry & Choir

Chris & Jim Goodell
813-8132 or

Weekly series of praise & worship music offerings from Sacred Sound.
It is our hope that these recordings support and encourage home prayer time with family and friends.

Week 17- November 20, 2020

Week 16- November 13, 2020

Week 15- November 6, 2020

Week 14- October 30, 2020

Week 13- October 23, 2020

Week 12- October 16, 2020

Week 11- October 9, 2020

Week 10- October 2, 2020

Week 9- September 18, 2020

Week 8- September 11, 2020

Week 7- September 4, 2020

Week 6- August 28, 2020

Week 5- August 21, 2020

Week 4- August 14, 2020

Week 3- August 7, 2020

Week 2 - July 31, 2020

Week 1 - July 24, 2020

For the sheet music to Hail Queen of Heaven click below
Hail Queen of Heaven – CK

The OLSS Music Ministry is grounded in the following:

Vision: Offering our God-given gifts to provide music that encourages full engagement not only in liturgy, but in living-out our faith.
Values: Christ-centered ministry – To ensure that all we do is in line with Christ’s teachings and example.
Inclusion – To provide a creative, encouraging environment that allows musical talent to be recognized and offered at liturgies across a variety of musical styles.
Humility – To understand that we are the accompaniment to the liturgy and not to detract from the Altar.
Musical Excellence – To give Jesus our best.
Mission: Combining our ministry values and musical gifts, we will strive to attract, develop and place into service music ministers who will in turn enhance the celebration of the Mass and other liturgical celebrations and to support the congregation in singing, so that all who attend services will be inspired and engaged in their faith.



Cantors rehearse individually with the Music Directors and/or during group practices. Cantors are generally selected from the ranks of the OLSS Choral Groups and serve with those groups.

Chancel Choir:

The Chancel Choir serves at the 11:00 am Mass on Sundays. The core musical style is traditional in nature.  Instrumentation includes: organ, piano and, for select liturgies, strings and brass.

Sacred Sound:

(Adult Contemporary Ensemble):

Sacred Sound serves at the 5 pm Mass on Saturdays.  This vocal/instrumental group’s core musical style is Contemporary Christian Music.  Members are also featured for solo and ensemble preludes and reflection moments during the Mass.  Instrumentation includes: guitars, bass, keyboard and percussion.

Grace Band:

(Young Adult Contemporary Ensemble):

Grace serves at the 5 pm Mass on Sundays.  This group is comprised of teens and young adults with a core musical style of Contemporary Christian Music.  Band Members are also featured for solo and ensemble preludes and reflection moments during the Mass.  Instrumentation includes: keyboards, percussion, guitar and strings.  We are blessed to have Catherine Savilla as this group’s leader.

Joy Youth Ensemble:

(Youth Ensemble):

The Joy Youth Ensemble serves at the 9:00 am Mass on Sundays.  These talented youth sing and play Contemporary Christian Music, as well as Traditional Church Repertoire.  Youth K through 6th grades are welcome.  Instrumentation includes: Piano and organ.  We welcome additional instruments and talent.


The Son-Risers:

This group serves at the 7:30 am Mass on Sundays.  Music is Traditional Church Repertoire.  Instrumentation includes: Piano, organ and guitar.


Taking It on the Road:

The Music Ministry actively participates in Diocesan-wide events, community outreach and special programs.  From the Eucharistic Congresses to Youth Rallies & Retreats to Prison Ministry to Gabriel House & Mission House and beyond, the Music Ministry offers support.

 Christmas Music:
Christmas 2022 will, once again, feature a variety of musical styles:
More Information Coming Soon.